Latest Version (5 Feb 2020): 1.13.0


PokeChum is an unofficial companion application for the Pokemon Go game, made by fans.

PokeChum can be used to discover the location of raids, quests, spawns and nests that have been found by players or from third party sources.

You can filter the raid discovery results by different levels of eggs and bosses, which team the gym belongs to or whether the gym is an ex-raid eligible one. For quests, you can filter by type of rewards that you are looking for specifically.

We have our spawn map, which will show the pokemons (including dittos) that are spawning throughout the island, with accurate despawn time, weather boost forecasting, IV100 and IV0 pokemons, plus PvP relevant pokemons for Great League and Ultra League (for subscribers)! Also, a Nest Map to help trainers to identify the clusters of pokemons where they frequently spawn.

We also have a Community section, where you can make new friends and list pokemons to trade! Plus, a News section for the trainers to view all the on-going events (in local time), and also to view the push notification alerts.

There will be advertisements embedded in the app (to help us to recover some costs). You could also help to purchase the 30-Day Pass for push notifications of interested spawns! You can also purchase merchandise from our Shop, and reference the pokedex.

We are constantly improving the application to provide more useful features. Keep a lookout for them!

The ChumLabs Team

Disclaimer: PokeChum is a third-party app made by fans, and is not affiliated with the Pokemon brand, Niantic, Pokemon Go, or Nintendo.